Dominate Sales Now and Forever

Gain an unprecedented edge with the most complete sales training tools, education, and real-time training analytics platform.

A Raw, Authentic, Sales Education Platform for All levels of Sales Teams and Sales Professionals

Focus on the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of sales by understanding who you are as a sales professional. Find the raw skill sets and attributes deep from within in order to be dominant.


Dominant Sales Training Role Playing Generator

  • Real live training tool
  • Train on the spot anywhere & anytime
  • Structured & Organized
  • Automated customized training tailored to your products and services
  • Over hundreds of training scenarios instantly available

A Live Digital Training Scorecard to Effectively Grade & Evaluate Your Sales Reps

Whether it’s a live training, phone call review, or in the field evaluating, the DST Live Digital Scorecards provide you the ability to grade and train anywhere, anytime.



Make Training Effective

Powerful training tools that build dominante sales professionals.
Optimize raw skills
Elevate each attribute
Game plans to implement training, growth, and development.
Spend less time figuring out:

  • how to train,
  • what to train on,
  • why training isn’t effective
  • drive results with the industry’s only real-time training solution.

Pricing Table


Ideal for individual sales professionals


Monthly Subscription


Monthly Paid Annually

  • Sales Training Education Access
  • One Scorecard Training Bi Weekly
  • One Phone Call Review Monthly
  • Bi Weekly Score Rating Changes
  • 1 Coaching Call Monthly
  • Client Support

About Us

In 2017 I founded this company with a vision to help gauge and measure the skills of sales professionals to help them reach their greatest potential. At Dominant Sales Training, we want to solve the biggest problems sales professionals and sales companies face: GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and CONSISTENCY I truly belive in the transformative power of a sales rep's raw skills and attributes combined with their ability to grow and will drive their development into a Dominant Sales Professional. Being Dominant comes from effective coaching, mentoring, guidance and direction from an individual that possess a personal interest into that sales professionals success. Understanding sales professionals provides a winning culture. But one must implement a consistent growth game plan enabling sales professionals to excel at a higher level every day. Sales training works best when it's personalized. Sales trainers and managers must deliver relevant, direct communication, when it comes to growth and development of their sales professionals. When it comes to increasing the raw skull and attributes of a sales professional, Dominant Sales Training provides an effective solution.