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Here’s a weight loss treatment that works It’s a great feeling when we reach our desired weight loss goal. There are various methods of weight loss out there. From the latest and trendiest diets to fitness centers that promise success or even invasive surgery like bariatric surgery. Weight loss success can be attainable using these…

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Improving WordPress Code With Modern PHP Improving WordPress Code With Modern PHP Leonardo Losoviz 2019-02-22T13:00:38+01:00 2019-02-22T22:04:13+00:00 WordPress was born fifteen years ago, and because it has historically preserved backwards compatibility, newer versions of its code couldn’t make full use of the latest capabilities offered by the newer versions of PHP. While the latest version of…

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Illinois. The Alumni Association at Clarkview University celebrated its 50th Anniversary last month while hosting numerous reunion festivities. Alumni from more than a half century returned to the campus to visit old friends and classmates as the a… Source link



In the grooming industry, 2019 will be known as the year of customized care. More and more brands are allowing consumers to identify concerns and goals as they pertain to skin, hair, hygiene, and more.     They ask you to complete online questionnaires—some simple, some insanely extensive—and pack their products with ingredients, and even scents,…


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With the newest wave of mattresses, bed-in-a-box companies have upped their quality, making it easier to get relaxing sack time based on how you sleep.     Online retailers have stepped in to make finishing off your bedroom—with sheets, pillows, and covers—a snap, too, and spending some time filling a cart delivers a huge return…

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